• Feature
Validation for payment details fields

The processing of payments has been improved in the system. This means that payment details fields, for example, address or e-mail are required in the system now. The number of invoices with incomplete data will be decreased. Previously, these fields were optional, which led to double-check the invoices by an Administrator and caused inconvenience while sending the invoices.

Changes were developed on the Member and Company card both in BackOffice and on MyPage. Moreover, now it is necessary for a member to fill all this information while filling in payment information fields.

If the method of payment by card is selected, the user also has to indicate all the payment information (address, phone number, and e-mail) if he/she is going to register in the system or on the course.

  • Feature
Subscriptions – Managing the order in which subscriptions are shown on registration form

In back-office on each subscription card, a new dropdown field has been added for the subscriptions marked as public. An administrator can set the exact position of an subscription on the first step of the registration wizard on the front-end.

How to use: When an administrator selects to show subscription on registration form, a new dropdown field “REKKEFØLGE” is shown. After saving the new position, it re-sorts order for all other subscriptions and users can immediately see changes on the 1st step of registration wizard.

  • Feature
Show 50 companies when searching on registration form

When a user is registering to the system or public course and search for a company to define his membership, the first 50 companies (fitting by company name) are shown. Only the first 10 companies were shown previously which made search hard in some cases.

How to find: On My page registration and public course wizard, in Roles (Membership) block, in “Company” structure, search field (if it’s turned on for your organization).

  • Feature
More details when searching for a company on the registration pages

When a user is adding a role in a company, more information is now shown in search results: company organization number and full address. Also, now a user can search a company by its organization number.

How to find: Registration wizard, “Membership” step, and “My roles” page on MyPage.

  • Feature
Activity creation and management on My Page – Registration form

The new version of My Page includes the following changes on this page:

  • Updated design of the form with improved UX,
  • All settings connected to the products are now moved to this step to make it more useful. 

Registration form settings are the following.

    • Set registration deadline,
    • Set the deadline for registration cancellation,
    • Automatic approval of participants (includes Stripe availability),
    • Include membership question,
    • External registration form,
    • External landing page.

All the settings were previously displayed on the “Settings” step of the activity creation. Now all of them are better organized, and followed by tooltips to describe the most complicated settings.

Only Course Super Admin and Course Admin are able to manage this step, while Course Admin or Course Contributor sees it in read-only mode. This step may be hidden in case the activity is created without the need for registration.

  • Feature
Participant registration details may be included in the extended report

New functionality is added to the extended reports available on the participants’ list. Now Back-Office Admin or course leader is able to include the registration details of participants (answers to the activity registration form).

How to use:

  • In the Back-Office, open the activity card, go to the “Participants” tab, and click on the “Export extended report” button. Then choose a new option “Registration details”, and download the report as usual. On My Page, use the same flow. The functionality on My Page is available for course leaders with any access level.
  • System will generate a report, and all the questions from the activity registration form will be added as columns to the report, while the registration details (answers) of the participants will be displayed inside those columns.
  • Bug fix
Double user registrations to the system

In some cases, users have been able to get registered twice to a course. The bug has been fixed.

  • Bug fix
Registration – Always showing actual price on all steps

A new user can now see the total price of the invoice he will receive after finalizing, on all steps during registration. The total price is automatically recalculated after any option selected that can affect it (e.g. adding family members, role in a company with a discount, etc.).

To find it: Member registration wizard.

  • Bug fix
Hidden level type was available for adding a role during registration

We faced an issue when the level type, hidden for the subscription still was shown on the registration wizard for users. Now everything is ok.

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